A little bit about myself:


  • I'm someone who is interested in creating a true connection and lasting moments with a select number of partners.

  • I'm a great listener and an eager conversationalist, and love learning about different people, the lovely little quirks and stories that accompany them. I'm told I'm easy to talk to and get along with.

  • I'm highly romantic, I love cuddling, hand holding, kissing. I love nuzzling up after we've used up our energy

  • I'm a very down-to-earth person, I love joking around and making people laugh! I was the class clown and prankster for the majority of my school years and it definitely stuck around.

  • I like reading and drawing, (which I don't do enough of!) as well as eating good food and watching T.V. all comfy on my couch. I equally love going to concerts and just dancing to a song in my living room.

  • I find being an artist and being a sensitive person go hand in hand. Intimacy is one of the strongest connections I feel with a person, and it tends to be very intense and surprisingly passionate when it happens. 

We will get along fabulously, if: 

  • You're someone who is interested in a true, meaningful connection; an experience, rather than a service or product.

  • You enjoy slowing down the pace and really taking time to appreciate the beautiful things in life. With the constant rush of everyday life, you choose to savour the multifaceted, human and complex company of a beautiful woman by your side.

  • You have the ability to become immersed in a conversation, a show or a dinner, and cherish the sheer coolness that is deep human connection, all aspects of it.

We probably aren't meant for each other, if:

  • You're interested in instant gratification or satisfaction of an elaborate fantasy. 

  • You're searching not necessarily for an experience/connection, but a release of "tension".

  • You have very little interest in any time spent outside of a bedroom.

  • You like dressing up a woman as if she's a doll, rather than an autonomous person.

  • You rush and pressure rather than letting the night unfold organically.

  • You didn't make it to this last sentence.

Here's what's up.

A little bit of elaboration:

The bedroom is a place where two lovers, naturally and unwittingly, let their guards down and their energies and passion intertwine. So with the wrong person, someone who rushes, someone who doesn't want to hold a conversation, or has a harmful aura, you can imagine it could be a very draining thing. It's all too easy to absorb someone else's darkness or ill intentions during this time. Furthermore, I have a hard time feigning interest in someone with inauthentic motives, and choose not to expend energy on those people. 

I also find that time really makes fondness grow, and meeting someone for the second or third time is profoundly more comforting and fruitful than the first.