LOCAL  (Within Canada)


A brief tryst, 2 hrs | 1000 

Short but sweet, we can unwind with fresh fruit and a glass of wine (or a cup of coffee!) on the couch. Let's enjoy one another in these fleeting moments.

Afternoon delight, 3 hrs | 1300 

Let's laugh and relax over a drink or a light lunch, before retiring to a private place where we can finally hold hands (and stuff)

Classic dinner date, 4 hrs | 1700 (min. 2 hrs social)

The best of both worlds; the dinner date has truly never disappointed. Let me recommend a nice restaurant for us to enjoy a delicious meal and a cocktail together. The conversation and giggles will flow naturally, and the chemistry will follow.

A perfect day, 6 hrs | 2200 

A day date to visit a festival or markets, lunch or dinner, watch a show. There is always so much to do in Toronto and having the perfect companion by your side makes all the difference. What have you always wanted to try but never got around to? PS we might fall in love, it's fine.


An unforgettable night, 15 hrs* | 3300


The ultimate way to experience each other! The relaxed nature of an overnight date allows us to enjoy a nice dinner, a passionate and intimate after party at your place, and perhaps some Netflix before we turn in for a very cuddly night. 

We're basically married, 24 hrs* | 5000

I VOW to make this an experience both of us will think about for a very long time. A day for the two of us to completely unwind, to get lost in the city and in each other. Let us create our own perfect little world in whatever way suits us. 

Two days/ 48 hrs | 8000 

Each additional 24 hrs | 2000

(*uninterrupted sleep is a must, I will probably be dreaming of breakfast)

FLY ME TO YO (outside of Canada)

Due to popular demand, I am now offering a select number of fly-me-to-you dates! Proper screening, 50% deposit and first-class or business airfare are required.

What better way to spend time than in a beautiful location of your choice or right in your hometown? Let me pamper you while we explore beautiful sights and places.

A day together | 5000 USD 

Let's get lost in a dream. So many things to do, not enough time! Will it be an outdoor adventure, filled with nature and hiking? A low-key day spent about town, exploring markets, restaurants, perhaps cooking? How about a concert or festival? We will get up to all sorts of fun things before spending some energized and anticipated private time, just the two of us.

Two days/ 48 hrs | 8000 USD

Each additional 24 hrs | 2000 USD

A week in heaven | Inquire